Why CloudSAFE

The Obsessive Customer Support You’d Never Expect

What kind of customer support do you expect from a cloud provider? Do you assume you’ll be just another number? Do you expect to wait in a queue at some remote call center when you phone customer support?

It’s not like that with CloudSAFE.

You’ll find CloudSAFE to be friendly, quick, agile and ready to support your particular needs. We have an attention to detail that includes your smallest concerns as well as the big ones.

We pride ourselves with having a predisposition for Obsessive Customer Support. We won’t hire anyone who doesn’t have it, and you shouldn’t either!

CloudSAFE has a broad range of solutions and services focused upon IT Business Continuity and Infrastructure as a Service.  We have a partner network of technology, industry and service providers that are capable of meeting your IT needs, now and in the future.

CloudSAFE is S.A.F.E.

CloudSAFE solutions are Secure, Affordable, Fast and Easy, providing scalability and agility in delivering applications and data to users.


  • Has architected and designed our cloud-based IT Business Continuity and Infrastructure Solutions to work together, providing you with a broad spectrum of capabilities and protection
  • Is built on over 90 years of combined data center experience – with expertise in virtualization, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), and business continuity / disaster recovery
  • Has a network of 16 US-based data centers to keep your data in the US, improving performance and enabling you to visit CloudSAFE facilities

With CloudSAFE you can…

  • Significantly reduce your IT capital expenditures
  • Scale out, scale up and scale down on demand based on your consumption needs
  • Work securely from anywhere using any device connected to the internet
  • Benefit from continuous proactive system monitoring and management
  • Remove the limits placed on your organization by IT infrastructure