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Private Cloud

Isolated and secure environment dedicated to your organization.

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Private Cloud Use Cases


Regulatory Compliance

A Private Cloud solution provides the isolation and control that most regulatory frameworks require.


Remote Sites

Some sites may have high latency or prohibitively expensive connectivity that does not lend itself well to using the Public Cloud. CloudSAFE has converged on-premises solutions to create a Private Cloud at these sites.


Critical Applications

Critical Software Applications require the performance and availability of dedicated server infrastructure.


Software Licensing

With dedicated infrastructure, you can Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) to leverage your existing software investments.

Hosted Private Cloud

CloudSAFE’s Hosted Private Cloud Solution utilizes industry leading hardware and software to provide its Customers with the best of both worlds: Public Cloud flexibility with Private Cloud security.

Flexible Pricing Models

Physical Host

Pay a flat rate per physical host, regardless of how many virtual machines you provision.

Virtual Machine

Utilize dedicated physical hosts, but pay for it based on the number of virtual machines provisioned.

On-Premises Private Cloud

Many organizations have internal or regulatory requirements to maintain on-premises IT infrastructure for critical and/or sensitive workloads. We have engineered On-Premises Converged Infrastructure Solutions to accommodate these requirements.


Our On-Premises Converged Infrastructure Solution can accommodate the specifications below in a single 42U rack! This is a great solution for highly regulated environments (e.g. ITAR, CJIS, etc.), critical software applications, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) infrastructure, and more.


See how and why you can connect your Private Cloud to our Public Cloud

 to create a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Take the Next Step to Data Security

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Cloud Infrastructure


This unobtrusive tool will securely collect performance data on your IT infrastructure, allowing you to right-size your environment on-premises or in the cloud.

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