Configurable IT Business Continuity and
Infrastructure Solutions

  • How can you leverage the cloud?
  • How will you get there?
  • What will protect you from a disaster?

Your Cloud Journey can start anywhere and evolve. CloudSAFE can guide you on this journey, ensuring that your data and applications are always available.

The Cloud is not “One-Size-Fits-All”

CloudSAFE believes each customer is unique. You should have a cloud solution that is configured
for you. See how we helped these companies on their Cloud Journeys.

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Self-evaluation Tools

Trying to benchmark your IT Business Resiliency or determine your cloud infrastructure
requirements? These easy to use tools will help.

Data Loss and Cybercrimes can cripple an organization. These infographics highlight the severity of these disasters.


Ensure your data is protected. Read CloudSAFE’s 8 point
Data Protection Checklist today.

Download the Checklist

All the tools you need get your organization into the cloud,
protect your data and keep the business running.

CloudSAFE IT Business Continuity Solutions

Data Protection

Provides cloud backup & restoration of your data

Disaster Recovery

Rapidly restore IT business systems after a disaster

Disaster Avoidance

“Always on” to prevent disasters

CloudSAFE IT Infrastructure Solutions

CoLo & Managed CoLo

From rack space to dedicated racks to private suites


Dedicated or Virtual Servers in CloudSAFE data centers


Highly scalable storage in CloudSAFE data centers


Shared hosted or dedicated virtual desktops

IT As A Service

Outsource most or all IT functions

Hybrid Cloud Appliances

Ready to use, pre-configured, on-premises hybrid cloud appliances