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Public Cloud

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What Is Public Cloud?

Public Cloud refers to the computing services offered by providers over the public internet that are available to anyone who wants to purchase them. They are subscription based and are typically charged based on CPU, storage and bandwidth utilization. Public Cloud resources can typically be deployed quicker than Private Cloud resources. Although Public Cloud is perceived to be less secure than Private Cloud, the latest technology, when implemented correctly, allows Public Cloud to be just as secure as Private Cloud.

Use Cases


Backup and Archive

Backup and archive data is often an organization’s first candidate for shifting to the cloud. This is because backup data is viewed as less critical, and cloud storage is affordable, scalable and doesn’t require maintenance.


Disaster Recovery (DR)

We live in a digital world. Most organizations have finally realized that any sort of sustained IT outage could cause irrevocable damage. However, operating a secondary, geographically diverse IT environment for DR is often cost prohibitive and immensely difficult. To accomplish DR, most organizations replicate their IT environment to the cloud to provide them with peace of mind while keeping costs low until it is needed.


Test and Development

The Public Cloud allows for environments to be built, tested and torn down quickly. Organizations no longer need to wait months to procure hardware and provision a new environment. This greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness.



Traditionally, organizations had to account for estimated growth in order to effectively architect and provision IT environments. With Public Cloud, they can start out with their current requirements, knowing that they have cloud resources readily available to scale into.



Predicted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Worldwide Public Cloud


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