PLM Infrastructure

Powered by Aras Innovator


Industry trends are pushing many Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environments beyond their scalability limits. CloudSAFE has engineered solutions that offer both on-site appliances and cloud-based solutions that are optimized for the Aras Innovator PLM software. Choose from a range of options including data protection, disaster recovery, outsourced managed support/administration and high availability which scale through a family of solutions to handle environments of up to 5000 Aras Innovator users.

Infrastructure Designed To Support Aras Innovator

CloudSAFE PLM offers infrastructure solutions ranging from customer managed, on premises hardware appliances with optional cloud backup and disaster recovery, to fully-managed, secure private cloud solutions maintained by an experienced and fully qualified team of CloudSAFE IT professionals. These solutions have been co-developed, built and deployed with Aras engineers to ensure optimum service levels in the areas of performance, availability, reliability, security and data protection.

CloudSAFE PLM Hosted Private Cloud

The Hosted Private Cloud is a mainstay of CloudSAFE PLM.  Our private cloud monthly subscription solutions offer you a consumption based pay-as-you-go operational expense model.  Users can be provisioned on the fly, and system performance scales automatically as the number of users grow.  Your data and applications are hosted in U.S. based datacenters.

CloudSAFE PLM Appliances

CloudSAFE developed a line of pre-packaged PLM infrastructure appliances powered by Aras Innovator® that provide a scalable, ready-to-run PLM solution. The appliance, co-developed, built and deployed with Aras software engineers, assures optimum performance, reliability and security. Learn more about CloudSAFE PLM Appliances.

Managed Care for PLM

With each PLM solution, we offer a range of support options which we call CloudSAFE Managed Care. Options range from proactive monitoring with automated email alerting, alert remediation, software updates and upgrades, to complete remote management and administration.  Learn more about CloudSAFE Managed Care Services.

Data Protection for PLM

Protecting your product data from different threats including Ransomware, accidental deletion, hardware failure, etc. is critical when developing products on a tight timeline.  CloudSAFE DP offers different levels of data protection for both on premises and cloud-based PLM solutions.  Learn more about our Data Protection options.

Disaster Recovery for PLM

When critical software and data are not available, organizations grind to a halt. Therefore, disaster recovery solutions are essential for any organization. CloudSAFE DR is a secure private cloud disaster recovery and business continuity solution for your organization.   Learn more about our Disaster Recovery options.