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On-Premises Storage

The most flexible on-premises storage you can buy.

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Two On-Premises Configurations Available


  • Production storage that is scalable to 8+ Petabytes (8 million Gigabytes) of effective capacity in a single 42U rack
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Integrated synchronous and asynchronous replication
  • Multiple protocol support (FC, iSCSI, NSFx3, and SMB)
  • Available at a lower cost than typical enterprise storage solutions
  • 99.99999% hardware uptime

Backup and Archive

  • Purpose-built backup storage that is scalable to 50+ Petabytes of effective capacity in a single 42U rack
  • Integrates with leading backup software platforms to leverage your existing investments
  • Ultra-fast restore times, even supporting multiple simultaneous backup and recovery operations without any performance impact
  • Multiple protocol support (VTL, NFS, CIFS, OST, and RMAN)
  • One of the highest storage capacity densities to significantly reduce your datacenter storage footprint

Flexible Pricing Model

For the first time ever, we are offering our high-performance on-premises storage in both a CAPEX and OPEX pricing model. Have the best of both worlds with pricing flexibility of the cloud and the security and performance of on-premises hardware.

Flexible Capacity on Demand

“Uncertainty”. We can guarantee that your Management Team hates that word. How do you make sure that you purchase the right amount of infrastructure to meet your needs for the duration of the hardware lifecycle without overspending? CloudSAFE provides a simple answer: Flexible Capacity on Demand. We ship our On-Premises Storage populated with the full capacity, but you only commit to a minimum baseline capacity amount. With the OPEX pricing model, you can scale up and down above the baseline and we will only bill you monthly for the capacity that you use. With the CAPEX pricing model, you can purchase additional blocks of storage and the capacity is instantly unlocked for your use.

Choose How Much You Want to Manage

You can manage your CloudSAFE On-Premises Storage Solution in-house, CloudSAFE can manage it entirely or you can come up with something in-between. We are happy to help in any way that you choose.


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