CloudSAFE Storage


CloudSAFE Storage is great for companies who..

  • Require additional storage capacity
  • Want to avoid a capital expenditure
  • Need to store data off-site


CloudSAFE Storage Key Benefits

  • Easy scalability with ability to “Pay as your Grow”
  • High Performance Storage with Live Volume Support for replication to multiple sites
  • Data Encryption at Rest
  • Performance alerting and monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Support


Solution Features

  • Data-at-Rest (DAR) Encryption
    • Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs)
    • Key FIPS 140-2 Security level 2 certification
    • External Key Manager protects data against loss or theft of drives, enclosures, or an entire array
    • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) v1.0
    • Growing market among Financial Institutions, Government, Healthcare, and e-commerce
  • Protects data against
    • lost, transported or stolen drives
    • theft of entire enclosure
    • theft an entire Storage Center system
    • No back doors: Key loss = Data loss, 100%, unrecoverable
    • Lock keys are secure, never passed in the clear on outside networks
    • Drives removed or stolen from the system are automatically locked
    • Even if platters are placed on a spin stand, data is secure
  • SED+FIPS Drive Features
    • Drives incorporate 256-bit AES encryption key plus access unlock key
    • Can also operate in non-SED mode with no system impact
  • Instant Cryptographic Erase
    • Implement when decommissioning drive
    • Cryptographic erase capabilities on individual drive basis