Cloud Migration Services


CloudSAFE believes “The Cloud” is not one-size-fits-all. The solution that works well for one organization may not be right for another. CloudSAFE has you covered, whether your best solution is public cloud, hosted private cloud or hybrid cloud.

MultiCloud Options

Data Center Move

For organizations who wish to move all or a subset of their server workloads to a CloudSAFE data center, we offer the CloudSAFE DC Virtual Migration Service. Using a CloudSAFE data center appliance installed at your data center, CloudSAFE will create asynchronous snapshots of specified servers and/or complete storage volumes to the appliance, and create virtual standby copies of the in-scope server workloads.  Once the replicated virtual servers are thoroughly tested by your team, they will be exported to a CloudSAFE data center where one last test will be performed.  The final step of the process will be to power off your production servers, perform a final replication, and power on the production server environment at CloudSAFE.

Application Migration Services with No Downtime

If your IT strategy includes migrating one or more mission critical applications to Microsoft Azure, AWS, or CloudSAFE with minimal to no down-time, CloudSAFE has the solution. Leveraging the power of ZeroNine’s patented software tools and methodology for cloud migration, we can help you implement a second and third instance of compatible mission critical applications in Azure, AWS or the CloudSAFE Hosted Private Cloud with no interruption to your applications.  Once your critical applications are migrated to the cloud, you can use ZERODOWNTM Software by ZeroNines to achieve multi-cloud application high availability across two or more geo-diverse datacenters.

CloudSAFE helps you accelerate your adoption and migration to The Cloud.

To learn more, or to get started, contact CloudSAFE at or call us at 844.600.0075

How ZERODOWNTM Software Works

By operating at the transaction level, ZERODOWNTM Software Always AvailableTM technology supports virtually 100% application uptime from diverse hardware, operating systems and networks, unconstrained by distance and unaffected by latency. This capability can be achieved with or without heterogeneous product sets. You can mix and match old and new hardware and operating systems, even from different vendors, without compromising Always AvailableTM integrity. Being application- and platform-neutral, ZERODOWNTM Software architecture does not constrain the choice of operating system, hardware, network protocols or cloud provider. This technology enables heterogeneity as a design strategy for those who choose it without excluding those who do not.