Welcome to the CloudSAFE family. We’re thrilled to provide you with top-tier cloud computing services, but we understand you probably have questions. We’ve got answers. Read the information below to learn more about what you can expect from us.

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Who is CloudSAFE?

CloudSAFE is a cloud hosting and managed services provider that offers cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, backup, vaulting, and managed services for IBM i, IBM AIX, Windows, Linux, and Xinuos (SCO) OpenServer environments.

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How do I contact support?

Send an email to support@cloudsafe.com with the details of your support request, or call us (844) 600-0075, Option 2 to speak with a member of our support team.

Will there be any changes to the services I receive? 

You will notice minor changes and enhancements as we standardize our service management processes. However, you will continue to receive exceptional support from the same great team members you know and trust. 

Will there be new services or products introduced as a result of these acquisitions?

Yes, you will have more options than before, but you can keep your existing service without changes. 

We have strategically acquired high-performing companies to build a complete package of services for you, our customers. At CloudSAFE, you can access cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery, backup, vaulting, and managed services for IBM i, IBM AIX, Windows, and Linux environments.

Will I have to sign new contracts or agreements?

No. We will continue providing services under your existing contract terms and pricing for the remainder of your agreement.

Who do I contact for billing inquiries now? 

Please send any billing questions to AR@CloudSAFE.com or call us at (844) 600-0075, Option 3.

How will I know about updates or changes moving forward?

We’ll send regular email updates to keep you in the loop, and we’ll also post updates to our customer portal, which we are planning to launch later in 2024.

Will there be changes to the privacy policy?

Yes, we’ve updated our privacy policy. Please read through the new version at https://cloudsafe.com/privacy-policy/.

What’s the long-term vision behind these acquisitions?

Our strategy is to build a service provider that delivers operational excellence and unparalleled customer satisfaction. By strategically acquiring established companies in the IT space, we’re augmenting our teams and services to ensure we can execute that vision at scale. 

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Will CloudSAFE be making any more acquisitions moving forward?

Yes, we strongly believe in strengthening CloudSAFE by acquiring successful, trustworthy companies that share our core principles and augment our current service offerings. That allows us to deliver more value to our customers while growing as an organization. 

Will CloudSAFE have a different business address than my previous provider? 

Yes, our new corporate address is 

CloudSAFE Group LLC
382 NE 191st St PMB 82395
Miami, Florida 33179-3899 US

Where can I find an updated W-9 form? 

To request an updated W-9, please send an email to info@cloudsafe.com. 

Will there be any changes to contracts moving forward? 

There won’t be any changes to your service, but all existing contracts now fall under CloudSAFE Group LLC. This doesn’t require any immediate action on your part. New contracts and renewals will eventually adopt the CloudSAFE Group name to keep everything cohesive.

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