CloudSAFE PLM Appliances

CloudSAFE has partnered with Aras to create solutions that are optimized for Aras Innovator. The pre-packaged PLM infrastructure is a scalable, ready-to-run PLM solution. The appliances, co-developed, built and deployed with Aras software engineers, assures optimum performance, reliability, and security.

CloudSAFE on-premises appliances:

  • Have been co-engineered with Aras engineering as a single system to best meet Aras Innovator’s specific .Net & SQL Server software requirements
  • Have been engineered to deploy with several variants to meet multiple RTP/RPO needs, both standard and high availability
  • Options include alternate site single and high availability capabilities to meet the most stringent RPO/RTO requirements (Removed period)
  • Are built, configured, and shipped from CloudSAFE using standardized processes allowing for multiple configurations (e.g., racked/stacked, non-data center packaging, different configurations going to multiple locations, etc.) while maintaining the same strict quality requirements
  • Has been designed to be maintained and operated as a single integrated system.  This includes patch management that has been pre-tested across the entire appliance
  • Each product series is vetted through both customers and partner technical staffs to ensure that it hits the mark regarding user and operational capabilities
  • Has been engineered to integrate into both private and CloudSAFE’s cloud systems providing maximum flexibility and reuse of assets as customer’s demands for infrastructure provisioning vary over time

Learn more about each series here: 

A1000P CloudSAFE PLM Appliance for under 1000 Aras users

A2000P CloudSAFE PLM Appliance for 1000-5000  Aras users

AV100P CloudSAFE PLM VAULT Appliance

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