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Cloud Storage

Store your data in our secure cloud for easy accessibility and peace of mind.

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Cloud Storage Use Cases


Maintaining the facilities, hardware, software and manpower required for running your IT infrastructure is extremely difficult. Let us take some of your headache away.

Additional Capacity

Our cloud storage is great for organizations that need additional storage capacity but don’t necessarily want to make the capital expenditure to buy more.

Off-Site Requirements

Most organizations have requirements to store data offsite. Whether you need storage for backups, archiving or DR, we have you covered.


Cloud Storage for Healthcare

Whereas the healthcare industry once shied away from the cloud due to security concerns, today’s cloud storage solutions are HIPAA compliant and, in many cases, safer than localized, on-site storage.


Cloud Storage for Finance

To keep up with the explosion in demands, financial institutions are moving their data to the cloud in ever-increasing numbers.


Cloud Storage for Manufacturing

The Manufacturing and Engineering process generates massive amounts of data (e.g. Autonomous Vehicles). Cloud Storage is the ideal solution for this data.


Cloud Storage for Government

Federal, state and local governments are turning to the cloud to satisfy their data storage needs, all the while keeping citizen records safe and secure.

CloudSAFE Cloud Storage Benefits


Our storage can scale as far as you need it to, all without a capital expenditure.


All of our storage solutions are heavily encrypted using industry-leading technologies.

High Performance

Admittedly, we are rather obsessed with storage performance. You won’t find cloud storage that performs better than this!

Pay as You Grow

Unlike traditional on-premises storage solutions, you don’t need to buy storage based on 3-7 year growth projections.

No Maintenance

Cloud Storage doesn’t require that you staff personnel to replace parts, upgrade firmware, and install heavy equipment.

Less Downtime

We use resilient storage systems in our Tier 5 Platinum Datacenters.

Located in One of Our Datacenters?

Connect your server infrastructure to our high-performing storage and easily replicate your data to one of our other regions.

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