IT Business Continuity

Don’t be a Statistic

What would happen to your company if it had a critical application outage for 4 hours? What about 4 days? Or, 4 weeks?

According to the 2014 Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey:

  • More than one-third (36%) of organizations lost one or more critical applications, VMs, or critical data files for hours at a time over the [previous] year, while nearly one in five companies have lost one or more critical applications over a period of days.
  • Even more alarming, one in four respondents said that they had lost most or all of a datacenter for hours or even days!
  • Reported losses from outages ranged from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars with nearly 20% indicating losses of more than $50,000 to over $5 million.

The Risk is Great.  The Losses are Real.

Can your company continue to operate if a backhoe operator severs a power or network cable that supplies your data center? Consider the cascading effect of an interruption:

Cascading Effect of System Outage

The cascading effect of a system outage

IT Business Continuity – Tailored to Your Environment

IT Business Continuity Solutions are NOT “One Size Fits All”. Every organization has different risk tolerances and budget constraints. Shouldn’t IT Business Continuity Solutions be configured to support those differences?

CloudSAFE thinks so.

CloudSAFE offers solutions configured and optimized for your specific needs. Our analytical approach protects your company & your investment with a solution and growth path tailored just for you.

5 Critical Success Factors

We evaluate for 5 critical success factors:

  1. Risk Tolerances
  2. Business Application Ratings (Mission-Critical, Important, Minor)
  3. Recovery Timing (RTO/RPO) Requirements
  4. Phased Implementation Requirements
  5. Budget



CloudSAFE DP – Backup & Recovery as a Service


Whether it’s one file or an entire database, CloudSAFE DP (Data Protection) provides you with the data protection your business needs. It’s too risky to rely on on-site backups that can be lost or damaged. It takes too long to restore from tapes stored off-site, and tape recovery has been proven unreliable.  With CloudSAFE DP, you’ll have local and remote (cloud) copies of your data which can be rapidly recovered.

Combine CloudSAFE DP with CloudSAFE DR or CloudSAFE DA for the most robust, worry-free IT Business Continuity Solutions available.

Download our CloudSAFE DP Backup & Recovery Datasheet


CloudSAFE DR – Disaster Recovery as a Service


Not all business applications are mission critical. Not all applications require the investment to make them “always available”.

For those business applications which are important – the ones where you can limp along without them, but you want them back on-line quickly – there’s CloudSAFE DR (Disaster Recovery).

With CloudSAFE DR, you have a geographically dispersed, secondary data center with the necessary IT infrastructure to rapidly restore operation of your important systems, applications and data. CloudSAFE DR keeps your infrastructure backed up in our data center with a compute reservation available for usage on demand should you need to recover from a disaster.

Add CloudSAFE DP, and have the assurance that your historical data and your important applications remain accessible to those who needed.

Download our CloudSAFE DR Disaster Recovery Datasheet


CloudSAFE DA – Disaster Avoidance


For those mission critical business applications – the ones that will bring your organization to its knees if they aren’t available – there’s CloudSAFE DA (Disaster Avoidance).

CloudSAFE DA doesn’t help you recover AFTER a disaster. It helps you avoid the disaster altogether. Run your mission critical business applications in our geographically dispersed, Active / Active data centers and you’ll never have to worry about a component failure, human error, or an accident rendering your most critical applications inoperative and unavailable.

Couple CloudSAFE DA with data protection from our CloudSAFE DP offering, and you’ll have a robust, worry-free environment that protects your mission critical business applications and the historical data that runs on them.